2023 is a wrap!

After our last event in 2021, Really Big Prints began a new chapter: co-organizer Ben Rinehart stepped away to work on other projects and co-organizer Berel Lutsky retired from teaching at UW-Green Bay – Manitowoc Campus. We were fortunate to find a new home at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Two Rivers WI, and a wonderful new partner in Hamilton’s Programming Officer, Stephanie Carpenter.  Hamilton provided both a great space to work and dedicated support from their staff and volunteers. In addition, the RBP archive, now nearly 200 prints strong, has also found a permanent home.   A very generous grant from the Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry as well as the enthusiastic support of the City of Two Rivers, who loaned us not only their streetroller but also our careful and patient driver Mike Timm, were both key to making this year’s event happen. 

Really Big Prints 5.0 wrapped on July 22.  In the end, participating artists made 40 great prints which are now at the Rahr-West Museum of Art where they will be on display from now until September 17th when there will be a closing reception from 1-  3 PM.  The prints will then return to Hamilton where they will be on exhibit starting in October and continuing through Hamilton’s Wayzgoose in early November.  Really Big Prints will also be on the program for Wayzgoose as Berel Lutsky and Katie Ries present Really Big Prints! A Decade (nearly) of Street Roller Printing on the Third Coast.

We look forward to printing again with everyone in 2025! Until then!

Many thanks from your fearless organizers: Katie Ries, Stephanie Carpenter, and Berel Lutsky
Extra special thanks to Mike Timm for his steady driving and cheerful patience.
The Hamilton intern team and Stephanie Carpenter inking the second half of two-part print “Print Big”
Team Nick Phan printing his block “The Greedy & The Guilty” by hand.
Kat and Katie holding Katie’s print “Overburden”
Lynn Zetzman and team inking her block “In My 68th Year”

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