Inkubate with us at SGCI!

Will you be at SGCI? Check out our Inkubator “GO BIG OR GO HOME: STREETROLLER PRINTING FOR EVERYONE” where Berel and Ben will discuss the finer points of Really Big Prints including important details for hosting such an event where you live.

SV Medaris’ sweet Chicken Pot Pie block before being rolled up.

2 thoughts on “Inkubate with us at SGCI!

  • I am in love with your idea of taking printmaking to another dimension. I am a printmaking artist based in Nigeria, West Africa. I am cur renting working on some alternative materials as my PhD thesis. I hope to get feedback from you as I follow you guys on the development from your end. Have a printmaking breaking

    • Hey, great to hear from you! Please let us know if you have any specific questions about our event or processes. Good luck with your thesis work!
      – Katie

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